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50 PCS 3 Ply Medical Antibacterial Face Surgical Disposable Masks Ear Loops

Genuine 3 Ply Surgical Medical Dental Face Mask

These Professional Grade Disposable Ear-loop Surgical Masks (as supplied to NHS and Medical Professionals) are fully certified hypoallergenic face masks that are suitable for preventing liquid splashes in medical environments. It meets the standard EN 14683 Type II, meaning that it can be prevent bacteria from reaching the mouth and nose, while the comfortable polypropylene is suitable for extended use.

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Bacterial Filtration Efficiency 98.6%


Help protect yourself against virus and other infections!

Available in small and large quantities (while stocks last)

Key benefits to this Face Mask

1. Fluid Protection: Designed to resist fluids from reaching the mouth and nose

2. Bacteria Protection: Certified for use as protection against bacteria

3. Comfort: Designed using polypropylene for comfort during use

4. Disposable

5. Easy-Fit: Special ear loops ensure a comfortable fit

6. Bacterial Filtration Efficiency 98.6%

7. Help protect yourself against virus and other infections

8. As supplied to the NHS and used by Medical Professionals

Our masks are designed to protect you from a range of different hazards, including bacteria and fluids. It is best suited for use in a medical environment, where the user is at risk of infection. The comfortable and disposable nature of the product means that you can wear it all day long, replacing a used one with a fresh one whenever you feel the desire.

Why Should I Trust these Masks?

Our masks are professional grade, as supplied to NHS and used by Medical Professionals. They’re fully certified to EN 14683, meaning that you can use it in a medical environment in confidence that it does exactly what it says. EN 14683 means that you can use the mask during medical procedures that have a risk of fluid splash.

Key Features

– Spacial interior prevents overheating during use
– Designed to prevent bacterial build up during use
– Spunbound polypropylene offers fantastic comfort – NON

– Designed to resist splashes during use

– Well suited to use in medical and non-medical environments

What size Mask will I Need?

Due to the great design, these masks are ‘one size fits all’ so there’s no worry of it not fitting you. They are designed to be incredibly easy to fit, without worry that the mask will fall off during use. The mask features two elasticated straps that hook around the ears, therefore keeping it in place and preventing movement. The straps are nice and tight, meaning that the mask won’t let substances in down the side.

Please note, the colour of mask may vary slightly from photo. Smaller quantities will be supplied in bags, larger quantities may be supplied in original box packaging.

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